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  1. Duration of school days

The duration of school days shall be as follow

  • Monday to Thursday -7:30h to 14:30h
  • Friday -7:30h to 14:00h

NB: Parents and guardians make sure children are always punctual to school and are collected promptly at 14:00h on Friday and at 14:30h from Monday to Thursday. The late collection of children will attract a penalty.

  1. School uniform

Parents and guardians are encouraged to acquire school uniforms for their children urgently. Boys – grey trousers, white shirt, grey socks, black shoes & navy blue jersey.

Girls – green tunic, white socks, black shoes, and navy blue jersey. Girls can wear grey trousers and a white shirt in winter. The school office will assist with the acquisition of the green tunic and the navy blue jersey. Earners will be excluded for classes for not putting on the required attire.

  1. Homework

Homework is school policy and parents and guardians are expected to support it appropriately. Parents and guardians are encouraged to assist with homework and NEVER write homework for the learners. Parents are discouraged from pulling out papers from learners and thereby dismantling the files order.

  1. Cleanliness and food

Parents and guardians, please instill and maintain a culture of cleanliness in learners, both in body and attire. Always provide children with clean fresh food for their break.

  1. Trips and excursions

The school will organize trips to selected destinations that will broaden the learner’s horizons and enhance their educational standards. Information about trips will be communicated to parents in due course.

  1. Typek and tissue

Make sure your child has submitted a typek paper of 500 leaves and tissue paper (10 rolls) as per school requirements. Failure to submit this material can cause your child to be deprived of these.

  1. School fees

School fees should be paid every month by the 1st day of the month. A penalty shall be imposed for the late payment of fees or your child shall be excluded from attending lessons.

School fees structures


  1. Registration of new learners

Grade R & Grade 0         R 400

Grade 1 to Grade 9         R 750

  1. Re-registration of old learners

Grade R to Grade 3      R 250

Grade 4 to Grade 9       R 350

  1. School fees per month

Grade R to Grade 0           R 350

Grade 1 to Grade 3           R 450

Grade 4 to Grade 6           R 550

Grade 7 to Grade 9           R 650

     8. Stationery list. 

To see the stationery list, just click on the link below to download it.




    9. Registration form

Would you like to fill in the registration before you come to pay the registration fees? Well, just click HERE to download the registration form. Provide correctly all the required information, and bring it to the administration to pay the fees. 


Our Location on Google Map

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Our School is located on the Stand N°11, Bambanani Industrial Stands K 111 Road (950 meters from Busy Corner down to Olifantsfontein road).