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Find, download and read these books. ...

Just click on any o the blue titles below.  You’ ll find interesting books that you can download on your tablets, smartphones or computers. They will complement your school learning.  Pumpkins – Halloween theme early reader by Danielle Bruckert on September 18, 2019 at 5:34 pm [...]

Free Bedtime Stories and Poems for Ki...

Dear learners, click the blue title in order to read the whole story. You can choose any story of your choice, but we encourage you to read at least a story every evening before going to sleep. By doing so and asking your parents, teacher or elder brothers/sisters about terms you did not understand; you will improve your English level.  Good [...]

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Our School is located on the Stand N°11, Bambanani Industrial Stands K 111 Road (950 meters from Busy Corner down to Olifantsfontein road).