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Dear parents, dear teachers, dear learners.

It has been three months since our school decided to follow the course of information technology and open a website. Indeed, as you can read at our homepage, the mission of Milton Park English Primary School Private is to:

  • ensure that every learner gets his/her full potential and receives the best education available.
  • create an environment that is compassionate, responsible and disciplined.
  • motivate learners to effectively cope with educational challenges.
  • create an atmosphere and environment that will provide for the moral and spiritual development of all learners, and democratic culture of teaching and learning
  • provide the educational and cultural needs of all learners.
  • ensure transparency and accountability.

It is within the framework of providing online learning resources that the internet allows nowadays that we decided to create the “e-learning” category, which is now on the main menu of our website.

We have the firm conviction, after reviewing the said resources; that they will complement our day teachings and allow our schoolchildren to stay connected profitably.

Why are online resources so important today? 

In fact, everyone knows that more and more primary schoolchildren have their own smartphones/tablets; or have access to them one way or another.

Unfortunately, the online experience of most children boils down to playing online games or watching videos that are sometimes harmful to the child’s good psychosocial development.

Therefore, it is to bet against this kids’ misuse of the internet that we proposed ourselves to review some important resources that are available online; and then put them at your disposal.

Said otherwise, we want to bring our schoolchildren – but also those from other schools – to adopt progressively a more useful and fruitful usage of internet. We call that joining the pleasant (internet and gaming) to the useful (acquiring/strengthening knowledge).

That being highlighted, the first site we suggest you try is called e-learning for kids. It belongs to a non-profit organization, which bears the same name.

The NPO offers a free, fun and worldwide curriculum. It was launched in the USA in 2004 and in the Netherlands in 2007. You can follow the e-learning manifesto by viewing the video below.

The fun courses have been designed by high ranking professionals.

A team of professionals of very high-level design the didactic material found there, which ensures the quality and seriousness. You can see the list of these authors by clicking here.   

So, dear parents; we invite you to visit our site regularly in order to find resources that complete the teachings we give to your children during the day.

In particular, we encourage you to encourage your children to use e-learning regularly every day. This will allow them to connect meaningfully, rather than spending their time on online games that do not contribute anything intellectual.

Dear teachers, this site will provide you with inspiration to pamper your teachings of the day. Visit it regularly and encourage your students to use it. To access its content, just HERE.

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