A warm welcome to Milton Park English Primary School.

At Milton Park English Primary Private School, we are dedicated to providing the best educational experiences for our learners. Indeed, we all work together to develop each learner through a well-tailored program. As a team made of professional and experienced teachers, we cherish and have high expectations of learning and behavioral development. This means that learners’ education from us is rigorous, inquiry-based and authentic; incorporating experiences that spread beyond the classroom throughout sports and socio-cultural events. To that end, we regularly celebrate an achievement, collaboration and effort.

By implementing the abovementioned school values, children that are educated at Milton Park English Primary School will develop a love of learning, independence, skills and knowledge to fulfill their potential and become well-balanced, resilient and active community members. Thus, dear learners, whether you are new at Milton Park English Primary School this year or are returning ones, studying at Milton Park English Primary School will enrich your mind and body. Dear parents, we expect you to collaborate with us in order to fulfill our educational mission. Your role in that regard is paramount. More especially, we expect you to help to push the learners beyond their comfort zone in all areas related to learning by being disciplined and obedient.

Ultimately, we hope that this website is a practical source of information and highlight our full commitment to serve our learners, their families and the community as a whole.

Yours faithfully.